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"Carbo, sea and smile lover. I love pistachio ice cream too".

  • Milan

    L'Albero Fiorito

    L'Albero Fiorito has been a family owned and operated restaurant since more than 50 years. The place is a sort of safe place, you will always meet the same people and taste true homemade Milanese dishes.
  • Paris

    Chez Julien

    Chez julien is a chic yet relaxed restaurant with a cosy and intimate candlelight atmosphere. The place serves French cuisine and a stunning view on the Ile Saint Louis, the friendly staff make you feel at home.
  • Berlin

    Chi Sing

    Chi Sing is the best Vietnamese restaurant in Berlin, perfect to escape from the long grey winter days. The decor is amazing and the food is great.
  • Hvar

    Moli Onte

    Moli Onte is anything but cute but totally worth for the breathtaking location and the amazing Dalmatic food. The place can be reached only from the hills and the sea.
  • Cancun


    Tempo is a magical place, not an ordinary Mexican restaurant. Michelin Starred Chef Martin Berasategui serves the best combination of exquisite Basque concentrated flavors to delight the most demanding palates.