Founder Madem Paris

"Born in Paris, I grew up in Bretagne in the wonderful place of Quiberon, Cote Sauvage.
After being a ballet dancer for 20 years and a DJ for fashion events, I moved to Italy working in fashion for Marie Claire Italy. Few months ago I launched my E-Commerce website, it's a great pleasure to share what I love and work with some incredible designers!"

  • Tulum

    Uno Astro Lodge

    Stranded on Tulum's white powdered sand beach, watered by the crystaline turquoise waters of the caribe, Uno is a reflection of the eternal image of paradise. A secret retreat for yoga lovers with no internet, electricity, anything but people who talk, do yoga, eat healthy and stay healthy!
  • Nyc

    Sushi Yasuda

    Sushi Yasuda is a labor of love between the founders, who passionately believe that this remarkable food in this unique environment must be experienced and shared. They are bonded by their love of classical sushi and are devoted to maintaining the purity of their vision at all costs. This is the place where Emilie always goes to start and end her journey in NYC.
  • Paris

    Hotel Particulier Montmartre

    Nestled within a private garden of 900 sm, Hotel Particulier Montmartre features five suits, a Restaurant and a Bar: a warm, welcoming house to offer a relaxing break from the world. This is Emilie's very own secret place in Paris.
  • France


    Nestled in Southern Brittany, it welcomes you to its rich land of colors and contrasts.
    The blue of the ocean flirts with the verdant valleys and draws landscapes with a thousand and one faces. This is where Emilie has grown up: a village of 40 inhabitants, a harbor with an incredible energy and a fierce nature.
  • Paris

    OFR System

    OFR is a library-gallery in the Marais whrere youcan find all the possible kind of music, art, architecture, and photography books, magazines, and a collection of literary tomes. The name, 0fr, stands for “Open, free, and ready,” which describes the owners’ approach to book selling and event hosting. Emilie's very own "super cool" and inspiring place.